In 2014, fatalities involving motorcycles occurred 27 times more frequently than they did in other types of vehicles. In more than half of all deadly motorcycle accidents, another vehicle is involved, and many times, it’s the other vehicle’s fault. So whether you drive on two wheels or four, it’s important to understand the challenges motorcyclists face and develop driving habits that keep everyone on the road a little bit safer.

Tips for All Drivers:

If you drive a car, truck or SUV, keep an eye out for your two-wheeled neighbors and keep the following in mind:

  • • Motorcycles are smaller than cars and can easily be hidden by roadside buildings and shrubbery or even other vehicles. They can also disappear into your blind spot.
  • • They may appear farther than they are because of their size. It can also be hard to determine how fast they’re going. Assume they’re closer than they look when turning or moving through an intersection.
  • • Always leave a little extra stopping distance when following motorcycles. Since they can reduce speed by downshifting, they don’t always activate their brake lights when slowing down.

Tips for Motorcyclists:

If you’re the one riding on two wheels, on the other hand, here are several things you can do to increase your safety:

  • • All motorcycles are different, so make sure you’re familiar with yours before hitting the highway.
  • • Maintain it properly, regularly checking tire pressure, brakes, signals, fluids, etc.
  • • Follow the rules of the road.
  • • Drive defensively.
  • • Adjust your speed according to weather conditions.
  • • Always wear an approved helmet and safety gear.